Working for 5 years in the field of IT for businesses, Solution IT works by your side to make your life easier.

Who we are and what we do for you

Founded by Kevin Archambault in 2018, it is with his first clients that he will excel at his primary goal: to help them understand and improve their IT methods. Working with Windows and Mac solutions, our services will always be up to date with the new technology. Whether it's an accounting firm with very specific software and needs, an electrical company with their own application or even a constantly growing human resources office, we have a one hundred percent managed solution tailored to their distinctive needs.

Company History

Founded in 2018, we have been associated from the beginning with reputable brands in the IT field such as Dell and Lenovo. In addition, we officially signed our agreement with Microsoft for their cloud and software solutions. The following year, we began our expansion with a partnership with Xerox, Ubiquiti, Fortinet and others. In 2021, we entered into a partnership agreement with GoToConnect to offer outstanding IP telephony services. As a result, we hired our first 3 employees and signed agreements with new pan-Canadian distributors in order to extend our service offering to all of Quebec and Ontario.

Now a team of 4, Solution IT now has over 200 clients with a total of over 1500 accounts and computers managed, all with the most renowned software and tools in our field. In constant evolution, we are listening to your needs and always ready to adapt in order to improve the solutions offered.